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‘The End’ is a Myth


The beauty of the written word, and communication itself, is that it never actually ends. Even when characters die and things change, the discussion is still alive in some way. You may not speak or write about it for a while, but it’s always alive in some way, and more than likely you’ll find yourself returning to it at some point, even if it’s just in your thoughts. Perpetual conversations are my favorite, especially since they shift and adapt as the people involved grow older and gain more wisdom. In order to keep the many subjects and themes organized (it’ll become unruly eventually, so I might as well start this now), I’ve decided to group them into categories that are easier to navigate.

Here’s a sampling of some of the Ongoing Topics I’ll be adding to in the coming weeks:

  • The Devil’s Advocate – For the most part, I tend to agree with most ‘liberal’ beliefs, but I never agree with any one group entirely, and sometimes the people who are trying to improve the world behave in a manner that I personally deplore. Most of the articles I write for this series will be instigated by widespread hypocrisy and intolerance, but I can tell you now that a lot of people will probably react harshly to what I say in these posts. You’ve been warned.
  • Life Lessons – I’ve been through a lot of interesting experiences in my short years, and I’ve made a lot of bad calls, resulting in many uncomfortable situations. But there’s no such thing as mistakes as long as you learn something from the consequences. If just a single person can benefit from what I’ve learned through the years then writing it all down is completely worth it, so I’ve decided to record some of my more profound milestones. These memoirs are very personal, and are 100% true, but I’ll probably change the names of certain people involved so I don’t cause any untoward interactions for them. They’ll be fairly graphic and gruesome, so if you’re looking for something more lighthearted you might want to steer clear of these, but I’ll try to include some of my happier moments every now and then.
  • Rants – These posts will be similar to those in The Devil’s Advocate, but written just for my own emotional release. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t very fun to read; they’ll mostly just cover me bitching about something that bothers me. These sort of articles are very efficacious in terms of self-administered therapy, so I’d recommend this technique to anyone who feels burdened or angry about something.
  • The Critters of Garben Road – I was originally going to name this series The Cats of Garben Road, but there’s a lot more than just felines out there, and the other animals can be just as entertaining to observe. On the street where I live (which I’ve changed the name of, so don’t bother trying to find it on a map) there are over a dozen cats running around, committing their usual antics. Any time I walk outside (which is usually every night since I’ve leashed trained my own cat) I see at least one of the little fur balls, and sometimes end up with a whole congregation of them following me around, and I even occasionally find a raccoon or opossum tagging along. This series will follow the odd, delightful behavior of the varmints in my neighborhood.
  • Fiction – It’s been apparent to me for a long time now that, of all the various methods and styles in writing, fiction is my strong suit. I’m not trying to gloat when I say that I can write on just about any topic imaginable and that I can adapt to everything from poetry to articles, novels to technical manuals, (writing is pretty much the only thing I’m actually good at aside from screaming metal lyrics, and on bad days I’m not that great at it anyway) but to make my point I needed to explain that I’m a flexible writer. There’s nothing wrong with specialization (it can be an advantage, even), but… I’m getting off-track here. Even though I’m focusing on self-publishing my fiction stories on Amazon I thought it would be fun to demonstrate some of my work by posting a few of my stories here for free perusal. Each story will have its own sub-category, but anything fictional will be included under this section.
  • Letters to the Departed – A recent Daily Prompt has inspired me to start yet another series, which will involve letters written to the people I’ve loved and lost (either they’ve passed away or have left my life permanently in some other way). I’ve always had the bad habit of never seizing the moment to tell someone how I really feel about them, and typically something would happen that would ensure I’d never get that chance again. Each one of these posts will contain some of the things I wish I would have told my loved ones when I was supposed to. I’m also open to guest posts in this category. If you’d like to include your own letter on my blog then pop over to the Contact Me page and send me a sample.


I have some other ideas in the works, but for now these are certain. I’ll add more descriptions to the list as they’re created. In the mean time, if you’d like to check out the active subjects hover over the ‘Ongoing Topics’ link in the menu at the top of this page and click on the title from the drop-down list that interests you to get a list of the entries. I hope you enjoy them!


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