Quick Update

So Little Time


I just wanted to drop in real quick, prove that I’m still alive, and let everyone interested know what was up, and what will be up for the coming weeks. It seems I got sidetracked by one little project, and before I knew it two weeks had passed. I love building this blog, but I also have a lot on my plate, and balancing all of my WIPs, projects, and such has become nearly impossible. I’ve devised a sort of rotation that should help, but that does mean periods of inactivity.

I have a few novels that are begging to be written, so those have become a high priority, as well as hunting down a good agent, so I won’t be able to publish lengthy, detailed articles here for a while. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be around at all. If you still want to leave a comment or otherwise interact then please feel free to do so. I’ll be checking in as much as I can, and at the least I’ll leave interesting tidbits when possible.



I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Petty since my earliest memories, and right now Running Down a Dream describes what I’m trying to do pretty well. Hopefully soon I’ll have caught up with my dream, and I’ll be able to share how I did it so others can obtain what they really want from life.


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