Alright, Here’s the Deal with Comments

Comments Mean the World to Me


I really do mean that. Every time someone leaves me a comment it tells me that what I wrote was significant enough to cause someone to pause what they were doing for a moment. Publishing content that’s worthy of such an action isn’t as easy as it used to be, what with the busy schedules most people follow and the millions of other blog posts out there vying for attention. Whether it’s comprised of 12 sentences or two words, it all still validates what I’m trying to do, but only if it’s a true comment.

Comment spam has become such a huge issue now that I’ve barely started work on this blog and I’m already plagued by nonsense. I have less than 100 subscribers (though that number is growing a lot faster than I anticipated) but I still end up with at least a dozen spam comments a day, a lot of them repeats from a few stubborn sources. It’s because of this onslaught that I’ve decided to post a short explanation of how I handle the comments here.


If You’re a Real Person…


…then I welcome you with open arms and I hope you like what you see. If you want to speak up about something then please do, even if it seems contradictory. The best compliment you can pay me is to join in on the conversation. All I ask is that you don’t start trolling and you show respect to others.


If You’re a Spammer…


…then you’re wasting your time here. There’s no point in even trying to get your irrelevant, greedy comments on my blog, so you might as well leave now and be done with it.


“Rule is Rules”


I have some pretty basic conditions for comments here. I’d also like to point out that I moderate every single one of them, so it may take a short while for yours to appear. I’m very diligent about it, though, so if you still don’t see your comment after a day or two let me know and I’ll check to see if it accidentally got deleted. If you happen to be a spammer then you’re out of luck, and better off preying on some other blog. I just want to be sure that I’m loud and clear on this, so here’s the deal: every single comment, real or not, that gets submitted on my blog is sorted into moderation folders, and none of them are actually published until I approve them. I know the repetition is getting annoying, but it bears repeating.

Here’s the criteria I use when looking for spammy or unacceptable comments:

  • The first thing I do is look at the poster info. If you use a regular name it still doesn’t allay my suspicions entirely, but it helps. If you use a name like “cheap homes 4 sale” or something else that sounds commercial it automatically throws up a red flag. But if the name happens to fall under the same topic I used for the article I might approve it, depending on other considerations.
  • My next step is to take a look at the link provided to your own site. Unless I’m already certain the comment is spam, I always pull up the preview window and get an idea of what you’re all about. If all I find there is an attempt to sell stuff it doesn’t bode well for your comment, but it isn’t an instant failure, either. If you happen to be the type that provides useful information to your readers while selling a few of your own related products then this aspect won’t be a problem for you.
  • And, of course, I look at the content of the comment. I try to be as fair about it as possible, but if any of these problems are consistently presented then it’s a good possibility that your comment won’t be published: gibberish, which tends to have a lot of special characters throughout it; text lingo (I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t look nice and it’s hard to read); rampant spelling, grammar, and vocabulary errors (so much that I would have to practically rewrite the entire comment); going off on a topic that isn’t even remotely close to the original one I used in the article (I can understand little detours, though); writing in all caps (using it for emphasis here and there is alright, but digitally screaming through most or all of a  comment is just rude); suspicious links, like affiliate links and those that lead to unrelated products or sites; anything directly inflammatory toward anyone (you can say you don’t like someone, but if you start name-calling and such you’re done); and tons of profanity (I can handle a curse word here and there, but I’d prefer it if you tried to keep your comments fairly clean).


Common Sense Rules Here


I know a lot of what I’ve said is obvious to most people, but it’s best to be upfront about it. Mostly, I’m posting this in the hopes that some of the spammers who continually submit the same comments day after day will get the message and stop wasting time. Other than that, I thankfully haven’t had any other comment trouble, like fights and such (probably because I have awesome readers). Before I wrap this up, I’d like to note that a few errors here and there is nothing to worry about (you’re human, after all, and so am I). Usually I leave typos alone, but if it makes part of the comment a little confusing I’ll edit it. If this happens I’ll leave a small note at the bottom that explains that the content has been altered.

Well, that should be it, so thank you for reading this and happy commenting!


Just a quick note: the “rules is rules” quote is from Family Guy.
pretty spam

“Spam” by Neil Motteram ( in its original form. Used under a Creative Commons License (


6 thoughts on “Alright, Here’s the Deal with Comments

  1. You should see the spam I get, every day I go through at least three pages worth, someone is either selling me fans or someone is trying to piece together a sentence with the Miriam Webster dictionary ugh

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve been lucky enough to avoid the “social media experts” and their fake follower schemes (they hit me hard on Twitter, though), but I certainly feel your pain on the severely broken English. Sometimes it’s so bad it feels as if my eyes might spontaneously combust at any moment. The only upside to those kinds of comments is they’re easy to spot, so I can confidently delete them at first glance.


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