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There’s a particular story that has haunted me for over a year now, and I’ve been dying to get it out. The problem is that my time is at a premium right now, so I have to prioritize everything, and I need to be sure that most of what I’m writing holds the highest value. As much as I love this story, it spans across a huge amount of time, and is actually two different series that combine into one big plot, so once I get started on this one I’m going to have to roll with it pretty steadily.

I’ve taken a moment to write the prologue, which explains the time period and generally sets the scene, but the story itself expands away from that significantly over time, so much so that it becomes almost unrecognizable in comparison. Because this story has my dream character in it I’ve drawn up big plans for it, and currently it’s looking to be my Harry Potter series (I’m not saying my books will do that well, just that it’s an intricate, highly detailed line that’s going to take me years to complete).

So, if you could take a quick moment to read the prologue and let me know what you think of it I would be eternally grateful. Every bit of feedback I get helps me immensely. Even if you only have enough time to say “your story sucks” it’ll still help me in the end. If you want me to scratch your back in return for your review and check out some of your samples/excerpts/early drafts I’d be happy to do so. If that’s the case then drop me a line either through email or the comments and I’ll get on it.


The Variformer Series

Book One: First the Crash



In the second half of the 21st century it became painfully clear that humankind had outgrown its birthplace. The population continued to grow with gaining speed as the number of newborn babies per day increased every week. Though some had anticipated the looming trouble ahead of time they were unable to convince others of the imminent issues our immense population would create. When the problem was finally acknowledged by enough people for it to be actively combated it was too late; the snowball effect of our compulsive expansion had quickly stretched beyond our control. The peaceful, democratic nature of the Centralized World Government meant that any solution that involved innocent deaths was off the table, and regulations preventing couples from having as many children as they wanted also didn’t sit with them very well, either. The best course of action was obvious: colonization. It was unanimously voted by the world’s leaders and scientists to boost the current space program and seed new planets as soon as possible.

Once our fate was decided, the immediacy of mankind’s plight spurred the greatest minds on Earth to action. Just as the threat of complete societal and ecological collapse crescendoed, a small group of intellectuals discovered a method that allowed them to construct ship engines that were efficient enough to power vessels large enough for mass migrations. Since other task forces had already pinpointed potential planets for colonization, it was only a matter of building the impressively huge ships and loading them with the supplies and people needed for their voyages. As the construction crews scrambled to build the ships a selection process was initiated to determine who would be lucky enough to escape the decaying Earth.

Dozens of colony ships were dispatched, spreading out in every direction conceivable, but only a small fraction of them were able to reach and successfully establish themselves at new planets. Many colonists lived their entire lives, from birth to an old-aged death, on their ship because of the relatively slow progression, but the knowledge needed for surviving on a planet was passed from generation to generation so the venture wouldn’t fail during its final step. There were no guarantees that every colonist would thrive on their new planet, but the ones who did were sufficient to perpetuate the human species.

Centuries later, people have both regained and surpassed the previous glory they had enjoyed on Earth, and the flourishing technological and scientific understanding of those who survived the emigration into space has inspired a sophisticated, advanced civilization that spans the vast stretches of the Milky Way. In the midst of such a changed society, some traditions and cultural aspects from the ‘old world’ were retained and adapted. It was just such a practice that resulted in Variformers: performers who are skilled in a wide range of traditional and contemporary arts, such as dancing, singing, acrobatics, gymnastics, and other physical forms of expression. Only the most skilled of performers can aspire to become a Variformer, which requires a wide knowledge of various types of entertainment and an extreme level of physical prowess. They must be strong and adaptable enough to handle complex motions and vocalizations. Variformers have become the superstars of the modern world, and are more revered than most planetary officials.

In the process of obtaining the abilities needed to keep up with the ever-increasing difficulty involved, many Variformers have turned to medical science for help. Among the popular adaptations are joint supports, stabilizers and assists for heart and lungs, pain reduction procedures, skeletal reinforcements, sight enhancements, vocal augmentations, and cosmetic adjustments. The popularity of appealing to surgeons has grown so much that just about everyone who earns the status of Variformer had to seek their help to do so. Bodily upgrades have become so common that most view them as inconsequential, but some, a select few of the Variformers, don’t feel the need to partake in the practice. When one such ‘purist’ arises their unusual status always causes them to become a major focus for the public, which typically causes consternation for the enhanced humans and creates tense working relationships between them.

Jaidelyn Costin is considered a purist Variformer, and our story starts with her.


So, What Do You Think?


Please keep in mind that this is a very early draft (the first, actually). Does this sound like a story that would intrigue you, or does it seem like a snooze fest? If you’d like a quicker method for speaking your mind then please feel free to use the poll below.

Thank you!





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