In The Judicial Waiting Room

Since I used my phone to write this post (while I was hanging out in the Juror Assembly Room) something went wrong and everything I typed magically disappeared. It’s always a bummer when one spends time thinking up clear sentences and achieves a wonderful balance of vocabulary without sounding pretentious just to have it die en route between electronic device and blog, but there’s not much one can do to restore what was lost, so oh, well. To get the gist of what I’d originally posted take a look at my comment below. I’ll come back and fill in the blanks with more details later.


One thought on “In The Judicial Waiting Room

  1. Well, that’s interesting. Everything I wrote seems to have disappeared. Ugh! Long story short, I talked about getting tapped for jury duty, how I was looking forward to the experience, and how not keeping up with my posts was giving me Blogger’s Guilt. If you can see the text of my post please let me know, because it could just be a mobile issue. I’ll see if I can’t fix it when I get home (and return to my best friend the laptop).



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