Love, Short and Sweet

Good Afternoon!


As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to find more excuses to post new entries in this blog, and that includes attempting the weekly Writing Challenges initiated by The Daily Post. So, here’s my first attempt.

This week’s Writing Challenge is:

Flash Fiction

Today, we challenge you to try your literary hand at flash fiction.




I’ve decided to create both a six-word story and a full 300 word story, but they’re going to work together. Here we go.


Six Words


He looked into my eyes, electrified.


300 Words


I returned his gaze, my breath catching as he hesitated in his answer. A mischievous smile curved his lips, but I couldn’t get over the doubts that had wriggled through my thoughts for the last several days. I had no patience for mind games, and I despised humiliation. As he stood there, silent, the urge to throw up my hands and walk away grew strong. Drops of sweat trickled along my temple and cheeks, my stubborn pores ignoring my mental demand for them to cease normal functions for the sake of my intricate makeup. I waited awhile longer, giving him a chance to make amends and redeem himself, but my only reward was more inactivity.

You fool! I chastised myself, wishing an earthquake would open an abyss before me so I’d have a reason to retreat from this ridiculous social function. He lied! You should walk away now. At least then you’ll have your dignity. My internal voice added force to my urge to flee, causing my resolve to crack. Just as the bouquet in my clammy hands was about to slip from my loose grip he finally spoke in a clear, booming tone, taking me completely by surprise.

“I do,” he stated with confidence. The onlookers murmured, having anticipated the same second thoughts I had. His grin grew wider, causing my temper to slip.

“You ass!” I shouted as I pummeled him with my bouquet, the pastor restraining me so I only got in two swings. Before I could think he was on me, gently shoving the pastor to the side, his lips seeking mine.

“I’m sorry,” was all he said when we parted. Without a word we resumed our places.

The pastor continued the ceremony. “Do you, Angela, take this man–”


Well, that was pretty fun. I might have to play around with flash fiction more often. Thank you for reading!


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